Friday, 4 March 2016

Making the food choice for your Kuala Lumpur wedding

Making wedding arrangements such as arranging catering for the guests can be tedious tasks as it will also involve arranging the venue, canopies, tables, linens, flowers, lighting etc. these needs meticulous planning because one step out of the line would spell disaster. Katering Kuala Lumpur is better equipped and experienced to take care of wedding events as they have the resources to meet your requirement in various areas including Selangor, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka & Johor.

The toughest job in a wedding catering is the choice of food as it shall require several consideration including vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, ethnic cuisine, continental and other international food preferences. The choice would depend on the gathering you are feeding to and the locality where the wedding is taking place. With the caterers you would get a list of food and beverage items that could be served at different occasions of a marriage schedule and you shall require deciding what you want. If the caterer thinks that some of your choice of dishes is not suitable for the occasion they will say so and remove it from the menu.

You will be better off by leaving the food choice to the caterer because they will know from their experience, what all are appreciated and what not. They will also know what kind of ethnic food is preferred at these gatherings and equally foods other than the Malay variety. Let the caterer be the best judge of what is to be served and of course it will depend on the amount of budget you allot for them. a grand wedding feast would be on a upscale budget but will have everything that a Malaysian wedding of grandeur must have.  

It is important to get quality ingredients once the wedding menu and the various food choices have been made. This is one job not within the capabilities of a layman who would not know where the exotic spices that are required to enhance the various dishes would come from. The catering services would know where to source them on discountable rates without sacrificing the quality of the ingredients. In Kuala Lampur Malaysia, the Mahligaiimpian caterers are one stop solutions for wedding food and services and our area of service also extend to the above mentioned areas as we have the best cooking and serving staff and highly reliable suppliers with good quality material. Contact us on 03-6038 1369 if you need our services for your wedding

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Reasons why you should engage a catering service Kuala Lumpur for weddings

Weddings are big events where the important event of solemnization of couple takes place. The occasion being glitzy also has a holistic aroma as two souls are united under matrimony. These occasions must be celebrated with great fare and to achieve that you must choose one of the best catering services in KL if you are living in or around the city in Malaysia. 
Katering Selangor

There are several reasons that food and arrangements should be left to the catering service and one of them is the bother of cooking large amount of food for hundreds of guests. Cooking at home is one thing but organizing the cooking for large number of people is totally different as it would require expertise, resources, staff, good quality food material, and several others things associated with good dining.

You shall have to arrange different things like finding a venue, decorating the place, laying the table and the linen, lighting up the canopies, establishing area for dance, music, band etc. to accomplish all these you shall require the services of various suppliers and professionals. It is very difficult to manage even if you manage to find as everyone would be snapping at your heels wanting several things at a time. The Katering Selangor is accustomed to be catering and hosting wedding events hence they know exactly what to do, where to find suppliers, professionals, lighting experts and a well behaved waiter service.

By outsourcing the work to an efficient catering company you also save a lot of bother and save time. Since the catering service takes care of everything you can concentrate on the business of attending the guests interacting with friends and relative, and generally take care of yourself by attending to your ceremonial requirements. In a wedding event the main menu is the most important items because that is what is going to satisfy the gathering and that will be the most talked about once the wedding ceremony is successfully conducted. The caterers with their vast knowledge of both local and international recipes will come with a range of culinary items designed to suit the occasion and ensure that everyone go home satisfied. They would come up with appropriate suggestions which you can approve and simply forget as they will take care of the rest.

If you want caterers for the weddings of your loved ones you can contact us on 03-6038 1369 as we at Mahligaiimpian have the expertise and the resources to cater to weddings in KL, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and other areas in Malaysia.